STOCK IMAGE SALE only £9.99 ( was 39.99) for an instant download digital file at 3,200 px and 300 dpi!

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Due to circumstances beyond our control we are having to rationalise Red Zebra Photography in the next few months. Part of this process is slimming down our web site and as a result our Stock Library will be removed.
We realise that this is a popular feature but there will be the opportunity to buy digital download files from the Stock Library in a week or so at a much reduced price for you to keep for posterity.

STOCK IMAGE SALE only £9.99 (usually £39.99) for an instant download digital file at 3,200 px and 300 dpi!

Blog Resolution! Civil War, Seals, Skegness and Gothic.

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So 2016 is here and along with it a New Year’s resolution to blog more often. The paradox is that if I don’t blog people won’t be able to read it and follow what Red Zebra is up to. If I spend quite a bit of time blogging and no one reads it?



2015 ended with three new bits of photography news.  We had an outdoor event in December with Colonel Overton’s Regiment of Foote at Newark in the Castle grounds and the English Civil War Centre.  A little bit of a grey day but excellent musket shots and time to create some artistic as well as reportage images.


RedZebraCWSN151213-0346 RedZebraCWSN151213-0403 rznewark-0362rznewark-0227-2RedZebraCWSN151213-0059The previous month had seen us at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire at the Seal Sanctuary where at 8am we were spoilt for choice with images of seals and their pups.  It was also an opportunity to use the new Canon EOS 7D mkII and the Canon EF 100 ~ 400 mkII lens combination which replaced the older 40D and the “trombone” 100 ~ 400 lens which had some dust issues due to its manner of its focal range and zooming.


RedZebraDNK151119-0435 RedZebraDNK151119-0394 RedZebraDNK151119-0325 RedZebraDNK151119-0382 RedZebraDNK151119-0057 

Later in the day we went to Skegness which ticked a destination off of Gerald’s Bucket List (along with Cuba earlier in 2015).  Skegness provided excellent conceptual imaging taking the everyday and making it a little more exciting or ambiguous.

2 RedZebraHSkeg151119-0004 RedZebraHSkeg151119-0014 RedZebraHSkeg151119-0019-2 RedZebraHSkeg151119-0038




Finally another on the Bucket List was a local disused church and graveyard.  Gothic style images with colour tones or in great monochrome.

RedZebraAOC151231-0009 RedZebraAOC151231-0022-2 RedZebraAOC151231-0042 RedZebraAOC151231-0026


So one positive move on the 2016 resolutions, next onto Instagram to publish more images.  Next blog will feature the fashion work on the 2015 winter, studio work featuring some fabulous models.  Please let me know if you have read this and any positive comments are always welcome.    Gerald

You can see the Seals and Skegness images as albums and the Gothic style images as “Image of the Day” on


December Digital Download Discount:

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Red Zebra December Digital Download Discount:
2014 Album Images full digital download £6
Stock Library downloads from £4
Just in time for Christmas, special discounts on 2014 images and stock library images. Purchase, download and put on a dvd as a present or use the image to make a print or use it to have a canvas made.

Photo tuition vouchers also available.


Free Packing and Postage offer

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Red Zebra Photography has a Free Packing and Postage offer for 2014 or as the Americans call it “shipping”. At Red Zebra we are always looking to enhance our customer experience and give more value for money. For 2014 there will be the offer of free packing and postage on all prints over £12 ordered within two weeks of an event, this means saving at least £1.99 on a basic order of 6 by 4 inch prints.

The other good news is that despite the rising costs of various items we have managed to keep our 2012 prices for the start of the 2014 season. As photographers we use Loxley Colour a professional Print Lab based in Glasgow to provide our customers with excellent, high quality prints on Fuji Professional Paper. All prints are hand checked before dispatch.

Red Zebra uses Loxley Colour to provide prints from 6 by 4 at only £3.50 to 18 by 12 inches at £10.95 in a choice of gloss or lustre finish or if you wish you can have an instant digital download these range from 420 px suitable for phones and social networking at only £5 to a full size file at a minimum of 3,200 px at a mere £19.95.

If you require a number of images for your unit, group, society or family please contact us to discuss a group discount!

Easter Egg Trail at Mr Straw’s House

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End of the Easter Egg trail at Mr Straw's House.

End of the Easter Egg trail at Mr Straw’s House.


Spent a fascinating Saturday morning  with Eric the egg, photographing the Easter Egg Trail at Mr Straw’s House. Eric followed the trail and modelled in a series of scenarios in the house.  Mr Straw’s House is a National Trust property which shows life in the 20th Century.  The house was lived in by the Straw family of Worksop and has lots of original features and artefacts.  As it is Easter there is an Easter Egg Trail around the house and gardens with chicks to find and a quiz with Easter Eggs as prizes.

Eric liked modelling and is considering apply for an eggquity card and moving into acting.  He would like to thank the supporting eggs and the chicks taking part in  the Easter Egg Trail at Mr Straw’s House.  He feels, however, that he does not wish to pursue a career as a stunt egg as he experienced a panic attack while on the kitchen cooker.

Red Zebra Photography

Red Zebra Photography

Red Zebra Photography


Red Zebra Photography

Red Zebra Photography

Photography of Rufford Grand Historical and Vintage Bazaar 2014

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April 26th and 27th 2014 sees Red Zebra photographing the Rufford Grand Historical and Vintage Bazaar 2014 at Rufford Abbey Country Park in north Nottinghamshire for the sixth annual event. Today Red Zebra has been working on our web pages and promotion materials. We use images from previous years to show our work to the public.


Red Zebra Photographing Lambton's 68th Foot.

Red Zebra Photographing Lambton’s 68th Foot.

Tree Bombing Knitting and Wassailing, WKG Clumber Park.

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Two recent weekends have seen Red Zebra working with the National Trust in the Walled Kitchen garden at the National trust property of Clumber Park in north Nottinghamshire. The orchard has been dressed with Tree Bombing Knitting (Yarn Bombed) with lots of colourful hand-made pieces of knitting sewn around the trunks and branches of the trees.



In addition hand knitted apples have been hung from the branches to create an amazing effect, especially as a knitted frog, vole, mice and a snake have been added. A wonderful Tree Bombed effect!


This also provided the opportunity for Red Zebra to do some time lapse imaging. The camera is static and the images taken at regular intervals and put together as a video with the colourful Tree Bombing and the white clouds scudding across the deep blue sky.

WKG Tree Bombing 1402c


The 2nd of March saw the wassailing at the WKG. Wassailing does not have to be at Christmas and in this case was to assist the fertility of the apple trees in the orchard at Clumber Park for the coming season. Thoughts were written onto luggage labels and attached to the trees, the songs sung, music played and re-cycled organic bread thrown at the trees to assure a good harvest later in the year. The wassailing and tree bombing made a spectacular sight.

RedZebraNT140302-008  RedZebraNT140302-023 RedZebraNT140302-051RedZebraNT140302-053

More Red Zebra images can be seen on Clumber Park’s facebook page.

World War One Historical Re-enaction and Living History Images

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Red Zebra has been photographing historical re-enactment and living history for over seven years now and accumulated an excellent archive of stock images relating to World War One from various events and venues.  As this is the 100th anniversary of World War One we are working on a stock library feature of editorial free images of 1914 to 1918 re-enactors suitable for use on magazines, publicity, books, displays, web pages, education, talks and just out of general interest.  Images are available at different sizes to meet all needs.  Source your World War One Historical Re-enaction and Living History Images from Red Zebra.

Simulated gas attack.

Our  World War One Historical Re-enaction and Living History Images will be featured in “Product of the Month” for February and we are uploading more images with key wording for the search facility on our website.  Don’t forget the Lightbox and Slideshow facilities were you can set up your own selection of images From Red Zebra Photography.

First Blog Red Zebra Photography

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Hello and welcome to the First Blog Red Zebra Photography.


Busy days as we are reviewing and key wording our extensive Stock Library and sorting out the logistics for our events later in the year as well as quoting and preparing the contacts for events in 2014.  Red Zebra Photography also works as a volunteer for the Nottinghamshire portfolio of National Trust properties, excellent fun photographing at Clumber Park and Mr Straw’s House in Worksop.

Our own photography has included some wildlife photography including birds and Squirrels, a bit cold but some excellent results.

Grey Squirrel at Clumber Park

Grey Squirrel at Clumber Park

Red Zebra still has its January sale on:

Red Zebra January Album Sales 2014

7*5 print  £3.95 down to only £3.05

12*8 print £8.95 down to only £5

Instant digital download 2,000 px size £15.95 down to only £5

If you require prints from more than one album please contact us.

Red Zebra also does Camera Tuition, anything from formal learning to an urban or rural walk with a camera.  Tuition can be with a couple, a small group or a single person we tailor our coaching to your needs to get you producing the images you want from your camera.

“You’ve got a new camera for Christmas?  Do you want to get the best from it and produce superb images?  You can read the manual, try trial and error or contact Red Zebra about camera tuition.  See details on our Camera Tuition page and contact us today.”


So much for our first blog!



Hello world!

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